Agent:       Nigel   Mikoski



Photographer: Marion Luttenberger  

Woman Walks Ahead

Director: Susanna White

                -"Kindall, your presbyterian line in train carriage got a massive laugh from the Rapid City USA  audience!"

Actor: Michael Greyeyes (Sitting Bull)

               -"Just saw your arresting performance in Woman Walks Ahead here in Dallas last night. You & Chaske  set the bar in your first moments on screen. Vivid, full. Felt like I was watching a real person. Thanks bro!" 

The Berg

Director: Brit Kewin 

               -"Kindall was a breeze to work with from start to finish. A freak snowstorm left us with power outages and blocked road access to our locations. Kindall maintained focus and a good attitude throughout. He was good natured, easygoing, and committed. "

               -"Another actor asked if she could speak gibberish to him in one take to capture a genuine, confused reaction from Kindall. I thought she would mumble or mix up some words, but she yelled something that sounded like Chewbacca on acid. It was hilarious. Somehow, Kindall stayed in character until our DP finally guffawed, followed by everyone else on set. We didn't use that take but it still makes me smile when I think about it. "

Indian Road Trip

Director: Allan W. Hopkins

                -"Kindall had one scene in Indian Road Trip, but it was extremely central to the story and raised it the stakes considerably. The scene showed the first time that the main characters encounter an actual supernatural entity. Kindall’s character — a ghost solider, is guarding an old bridge, and is a gate-keeper of sorts. When the scene was over I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It could have gone so wrong, so quickly, and I had no plan B.  First, I was asking Kindall to do something that was extremely difficult. He was a ghost, but in corporal form, in broad daylight, and he had to have a full conversation with the lead actor but he could not respond with dialogue. He could only react with his facial expression — especially his eyes. Plus, I had not rehearsed the scene with Kindall, we had talked, but only on the phone. When we began the shoot I was far more nervous then Kindall seemed to be.  Fortunately, as an actor Kindall is blessed with an extremely expressive face that enables directors to minimize dialogue. He also has the uncanny ability of maintaining keen focus: on the story, on the character, and on the big ideas that drive him forward."

               -"Kindall can convey a venerability, even a sadness, that coupled with a powerful masculinity and toughness, allows him to play complex, compelling characters that you just have to watch."

Kindall Charters-

 Photographer: Brandon Hart      

 Photographer: Brandon Hart    

Photographer: Marion Luttenberger