"New Image College of Fine Arts" Philip Granger (Left) Kindall Charters (Center) Charie Van dyke (Right)


     Originating from  Nlaka'pamux  First Nation (Merritt B.C.). In March 2009 he hitch  hiked  to  Vancouver  and  lived  in the  Covenant  House  (Youth Shelter)  to  pursue  his  dream  of  being  an  actor. Started off as a background performer  and been  gaining acting experience.  Kindall has played  multiple  leads  and  supporting  roles  in  film/tv  such as  "Sammy" on  Amir  Aghelnegiad’s  "A Safe Place" (2016),  "Waiter-Sleeping Car" in Susanna White  feature film "Woman Walks Ahead" filmed in New Mexico and premiered in the Toronto Film Festival  2017.   More Recently worked on a Netflix TV series coming soon!The  road  to  success  has  it  hardships,  but  the journey  pursuing his  dreams  is a  greatest joy  anyone  can  find!  Currently in Vancouver B.C,  where he completed  a  two-year  diploma  in  film/television  at  New  Image  College  of Fine Arts.
Kindall Charters


Kindall Charters-